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Investing in customer experience as new seating chosen for Airbus A321/A320 neo Aircraft

Published: Thu 23 Feb 2023 at 15:48


Leading leisure airline has today announced that its fleet of new Airbus A321/A320 neo aircraft will be fitted with the new Series 9 Fixed Back Seat from Acro Aircraft Seating, meaning customers travelling with and Jet2holidays can continue to enjoy an award-winning onboard experience, with fantastic comfort and space benefits.

The Acro Series 9 seating is not only lightweight, making the aircraft more fuel efficient, but is supremely robust too. Critically, it provides customers with excellent levels of comfort for their flight, with the added benefits of extra leg room and added space under the seat. The new seating means there is more space throughout the cabin, further enhancing the customer experience for everybody onboard

The Series 9 is billed by Acro Aircraft Seating as ‘the seat without compromise’, reducing operating costs for the airline, whilst achieving a class-leading experience in terms of comfort and space for customers travelling on a flight with or package holiday with the UK’s leading and largest tour operator, Jet2holidays.

The new seating will be installed on’s 98 firm ordered Airbus A321/A320 neo aircraft, which could eventually extend up to 146 aircraft.

Today’s announcement reinforces a highly successful and longstanding business relationship, as was Acro’s launch customer back in 2008.

Philip Meeson, Executive Chairman of Jet2 plc, said: “We are extremely proud of the award-winning customer experience that we deliver, and the comfort that we provide customers onboard our aircraft is critical to that. The lightweight, durable and comfortable Acro Series 9 seating will enable us to continue differentiating ourselves from the competition whilst providing fantastic comfort, more leg room and added space under the seat too. We know this seating will be enormously popular with customers travelling with us on their well-deserved holidays.”

He added: “Our new Airbus A321 neo aircraft are the most efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft in their class today, and the weight savings provided by this seating will make these aircraft even more efficient. A stable supplier base with trusted partners such as Acro Aircraft Seating is key in ensuring that we offer our customers a fantastic flight or holiday experience, and we look forward to reinforcing our longstanding business partnership with them.”

Neil Cairns, Acro’s CEO, said: “We’re obviously delighted at this early recognition for the exceptional attributes of Series 9, not least because the endorsement comes from an industry leader which shares our determination to provide optimum comfort and maximum living space even in today’s high-density cabins.”

He added: “The Series 9 is the product of the inspired design and relentless innovation which go hand-in-hand at Acro, and our fresh thinking is firmly focused on delivering quantifiable benefits to our customers. The light weight of the sleek new Series 9 is an obvious advantage, but we have combined that with ultra-robust construction and low part count designed to reduce maintenance and facilitate quick turnaround sanitising. The elegant contemporary lines of the Series 9 add to visual appeal while its space-creating comfort levels heighten passenger satisfaction. Once installed, we are confident that the Series 9 will support and Jet2holidays in its commitment to create a VIP experience for its passengers.”

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