Our customers and suppliers

Relationship With Customers

We take people on holiday!

Jet2 plc is the home of Jet2holidays – the UK’s leading operator of ATOL protected package holidays to destinations across the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and European Leisure Cities – and Jet2.com, our award-winning leisure airline.

We relish the trust our customers place in us to give them a fantastic holiday experience and, notwithstanding the pandemic, our “Customer First” strategy has remained consistent, as we have taken great pride in refunding our customers promptly, the Group having processed over £1.4bn in refunds since the start of the pandemic. Our virtual contact centre, social media and customer service teams have worked tirelessly in this regard, and we were duly recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority as the only UK airline to have been consistently processing cash refunds quickly.

We know that there is significant pent-up demand for our holiday flights and ATOL protected package holidays and that customers want nothing more than to get away on their much-needed holidays, as this remains one of the most important family experiences of the year. We believe that in times of uncertainty customers look to operators they know and can trust and which offer them the best value for money.

As a result of our unwavering focus to do what is right for the customer, we are confident that once normality returns, our Customers will be even more determined to enjoy the wonderful experience of a well-deserved Jet2 holiday. Consequently, we remain committed to doing our very best to ensure that when the time comes, each of our customers “has a lovely holiday” that can be both eagerly anticipated and fondly remembered, supported by our core principles of being family friendly, offering value for money and giving a truly VIP customer service.

The business has taken a proactive, “Customer First” approach to managing the exceptional circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This included early and decisive actions on our flights and holidays programmes which have been supported by comprehensive customer communications across all touchpoints, as well as simple and clear amendment and cancellation policies. Our approach has earned us praise from various groups including customers, consumer organisations, hoteliers, media and regulatory bodies such as the UK CAA.

Our Contact Centre are moving to a multi-skilled agent model, enabling improved operational effectiveness when dealing with unpredictable and fluctuating contact volumes. New contact channels such as WhatsApp messaging mean we can use automation and increase productivity, whilst improving operational resilience by maintaining the ability to manage customers queries in the event that phone lines fail. Self-service development capabilities in “Manage my Booking” have reduced reliance on voice calls, whilst providing an efficient and cost-effective way for customers to fulfil changes and amendments to their bookings.

Relationship With Suppliers

Our Leisure Travel business is supported by more than 3,900 non-hotel suppliers who work with us and we seek open, constructive and effective relationships with them to help sustain the successful delivery of the Group’s Leisure Travel services.

For many years, we have held an annual supplier conference where we have focused on how we and our supplier partners, work together effectively to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships. This cooperative spirit enabled us to have positive discussions to reduce monthly outgoings or restructure contracts during the early stages of the pandemic. Additionally, across the business, regular virtual supplier reviews continued remotely, with the focus on preparing for operational restart.

The Group has invested in carefully developing relationships with over 4,600 Jet2holidays’ hotel partners, who take assurance from our financial security and history of timely invoice settlements, to secure a dependable and competitive room offering in the most attractive hotels. Our Chief Executive Officer spends significant time developing these relationships, hearing first-hand from key partners about their expectations and how the customer experience may be improved through the development of their hotels.

In reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Group shifted its approach towards remote auditing activities to ensure our high standards are maintained in spite of travel restrictions. Our hotel partners have appreciated the frequent dialogue throughout the year, as this has allowed us to keep each other informed as well as giving the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas as to how to manage future activities in a very challenging commercial environment. It has also been an opportunity to reiterate the importance of effective risk management to the hoteliers, maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene at all times so that Jet2holidays can continue to offer “package holidays you can trust”™.

We also recognise that paying both our hotel partners and non-hotel suppliers on time and in full is vital for their financial well-being. Under the ’Duty to report on payment practices and performance’ legislation, the Group has uploaded the relevant supplier key performance indicators onto the HMRC government portal with the average time taken to pay supplier invoices during the year being 34.0 days (2020: 25.3 days). We continue to take pride in supporting all our suppliers through our industry leading payment record.