Přílety a odlety

Podívejte se na náš rozvrh a zjistěte stav svého letu. Jednoduše zvolte výchozí a cílové letiště nebo zadejte číslo letu a zmáčkněte „Vyhledat”.

We take people on Holiday!

  • Focus on customer-driven scheduling of flights on routes to popular leisure destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and European Leisure Cities to optimise load factor, flight-only ticket yield and average package holiday price.
  • Full control of our aircraft seat supply.
  • Build and invest in relationships with selected hoteliers, who align with our Jet2 brand values.
  • Retain and expand our loyal customer base, with our consistent “Customer First” approach.
  • Ensure our Colleagues are on hand at all touchpoints throughout the customer journey to ensure that each and every customer has a memorable holiday experience.
  • Carefully considered investment in our existing business to ensure profit and cash flow growth is sustainable.
  • Ongoing Capital investment to ensure we can continue our growth trajectory.
  • Recruit, develop and retain colleagues to deliver our award winning customer service.
  • To achieve the targets as set out in our Sustainability Strategy
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