World Cup lingo

April 21, 2006 at 00:00

Not only are we offering fantastic low cost flights to Düsseldorf for all the dedicated fans out there but below are a few handy phrases to give you that edge when discussing our teams performance with our German friends.

Also we urge all UK fans not to sing offensive songs and upset our hosts, so we suggest something a bit more light hearted – how about ‘So long, Farewell’ from the Sound of Music when England kick Germany out of the tournament!

  • Off-side position - Abseitsstellung (f)
  • Half (first/second) - Halbzeit (f) (erste/zweite)
  • Linesman - Linienrichter (m)
  • The goal - das Tor
  • Goal area - der Torraum
  • Penalty area - der Strafraum
  • Half way line - die Mittellinie
  • Penalty shoot-out - ein Elfmeterschießen
  • A free-kick- ein Freistoß
  • Off-side- abseits
  • Final whistle - Schlusspfiff (m)
  • What time does the match kick off? - Wann fängt das Spiel an?
  • Where can I get a ticket? - Wo kann ich eine Karte kaufen?
  • Did you see the game today/yesterday/last night? - Hast Du heute/gestern/gestern Abend das Spiel gesehen?
  • Who do you support? - Von wem bist du Fan?
  • Are you going to the match? - Gehst Du zum Spiel?
  • The referee was blind! - Der Schiedsrichter war blind!