VIP tour for budding pilot

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April 21, 2017 at 13:14

Our team at Birmingham Airport were delighted to give budding commercial pilot Morgan Thomas a behind the scenes look at our operation yesterday, after his family wrote to us telling us of his lifelong dream to become an airline pilot.

Morgan, who is 16, is studying for his GCSE’s and has a career in aviation mapped out. To help him get a better understanding, the team took Morgan onto one of our aircraft where he spent time with First Officer Aaron Harper learning about route planning and how to operate the aircraft.

After finding out what goes on in the cockpit, Morgan then got to sit in one of the Tugs and pushed back an actual flight

From there it was off to the engineering section where Morgan got a taste of how complex an airline operation is. To round it off, we then took Morgan to the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Morgan came away with a real insight into the operation and it was an absolute pleasure to host him. Who knows, one day we may be welcoming Morgan back as a pilot.

Speaking after his visit, Morgan said: “My behind the scenes look around Birmingham Airport was amazing and I’d like to say thank you to everyone at for arranging it and looking after me. To see all the different areas of the operation, go into the cockpit, and even sit on a Tug as it pushed back a departing aircraft was a dream come true and I really did love every single minute.”