The French Riviera Celebrates a National Heroine

October 27, 2011 at 09:08

Not many people outside France will know the name Catherine Segurane, but to the people of Nice she’s an iconic figure. This is because back in 1543, Catherine is said to have saved the city from attacking armies by showing her bare posterior.

According to French legend, it was the sight of washerwoman Catherine's ample flesh that caused the Turks to abandon their siege of Nice.

Nice Cafe Life

As farfetched as the whole thing may sound, Catherine was named the patron saint of the city and each year she is remembered in November in a church ceremony held in the Sainte Reparate Cathedral in Nice’s old town. 

After the service locals gather outdoors to eat, sing songs and lay flowers on Catherine’s memorial in the old town. It’s a tradition that the people of Nice hold close to their hearts, so if you’re holidaying in the French Riviera in mid-November head to the old town to join in the festivities. 

Exploring Nice’s Old Town

After the Catherine Segurane Festival why not explore the old town further. Its narrow little streets and quirky shop fronts show the true character of this marvelous city. Sightseeing highlights include Palais Lascaris, the Hall of Justice and Palais de la Prefecture.

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