Stags grounded by their disruptive behaviour

April 15, 2017 at 22:00

Some stag groups booked onto our Manchester to Prague flight failed to get off the ground yesterday, after their disruptive behaviour on the aircraft led to the crew having to call for police assistance. 

(Photo: @ailsa_iworth)

Police attended the aircraft to support the removal of a number of customers, one of who was subsequently been arrested along with two others who were issued with public order offences. 

We would like to thank Greater Manchester Police for their assistance, and we will be fully supporting their investigation and where required will prosecute if that is deemed necessary.

As a family friendly airline we will not let the behaviour of a disruptive few spoil the flight for everyone else, which is why we take a zero tolerance approach to this behaviour through our Onboard Together Campaign. 

As well as the police, we would also like to thank our crew for their professionalism in handling this situation, and to apologise to other customers for any inconvenience that these disruptive passengers caused.