Popularity of Spain and The Canaries knows no bounds

November 24, 2006 at 00:00

We are not a big believer in boring you with facts and figures, other than information of the £’s you can save when you fly with, but we think that some research that landed on our desk this morning is worthwhile sharing.....

The votes have been counted(!) and its official, more people than ever are travelling with low cost airlines to Spain & The Canaries and it’s easy to see why. We constantly hear from you that our low cost flights are perfect for chasing the sun during the winter months, heading out to pick up your post in your overseas property or planning where that big holiday home purchase is going to be.

So, whilst we won’t bore you with the facts and figures, what we will say is follow the good example our existing customers have set, book now for some Winter Sun and take advantage of scorching fares with your favourite airline.