Pack It In – the Flight Crew’s Guide to Perfect Packing

July 06, 2011 at 10:41’s cabin crew and pilots reveal their top tips for sorting your suitcase 


With the peak summer holiday period about to start, holidaymakers across the UK will be getting suitcases down from the loft and digging out their sarongs and swimming trunks. But from creased clothes to fear of forgetting something, packing can be fraught with difficulties, so who better to advise than those who travel the world for a living - flight crew. flight and cabin crew, the north’s leading leisure airline, has polled its 940 cabin crew and pilots asking them to reveal their top packing tips to help holidaymakers prepare for the great summer getaway with ease. 

Top tips for packing from the crew: 

  • Roll it up - roll clothes instead of folding to use less space and keep clothes crease-free.
  • Create layers - use sheets of tissue paper between layers of clothes - it reduces creasing.
  • Stuff your shoes - roll socks into balls inside footwear so the shoes keep their shape.
  • Weigh it up - invest in a set of luggage scales so you aren’t over your airline’s baggage weight limit. Double check the weight limit - and sister package holiday specialist Jet2holidays offer a generous 22kg baggage allowance, but many other airlines offer only 15kg.
  • Don’t under or over pack - use the right sized suitcase as over or under packing means creased clothes at the other end.
  • Plan, plan, plan - time spent planning outfits before you go can make a massive difference and trying on will get you in the holiday mood and save time when you’re in resort.
  • Leave the heels at home - the view from the crew is that you won’t wear them – take comfortable shoes - particularly if you are on a city break - don’t let sore feet to ruin your holiday.
  • Safe from spills - pack any liquids in your beach bag, that way any leaks won’t spoil your clothes.
  • The early bird packs best - start packing early so you ensure you’ve remembered everything, or to change your mind on that extra pair of shoes you really don’t need.
  • Bag it up - the crew members suggested to taking plastic bags to stash dirty clothes in, making it easier to sort the piles of washing when you get back home.
  • Keep valuables close -’s 10kg hand baggage allowance means that items that you don’t want to pack in your case can travel with you in the cabin.
  • Safety first - take a first aid kit with plasters, and any medications you may need. The last thing you want to do is hunt for a local pharmacy when you should be enjoying your holiday.
  • Don’t stress - the crew’s advice was to not get wound up by packing as has the most commonly forgotten items on sale on board – such as sunglasses, cameras and phone chargers.  

Hand luggage help:  

  • Limited liquids - liquids over 100ml are prohibited in hand luggage. This includes pastes and gels, so make sure you don’t lose your favourite lip gloss or eye cream because you forgot to pack it in your suitcase. Remember razors, tweezers and other sharp items must be checked in.
  • Copy cat - photocopy your passport and travel insurance and keep copies in a different bag so that if you lose the original you still have the details.
  • Small change - have some of the local currency, coins if you can, to give a tip, hire a trolley, or buy a bottle of water as soon as you arrive.
  • Dress for your destination - take a swimsuit or change of clothes in hand luggage or at the top of your case - with many flights arrive in time to be able to enjoy the afternoon at the beach, or some city sightseeing. employs 550 cabin crew and 390 pilots across eight northern bases – Leeds Bradford, Newcastle, Manchester, East Midlands, Blackpool, Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The airline flies to over 50 city, sun and ski destinations, with flights from just £9.99 one way including taxes. Customers enjoy friendly low fares, convenient flight times, 22kg baggage allowance and allocated seats.

When asked what item they always pack the crew’s top responses were – Ear plugs, adapters, corkscrew, a maxi dress, Pot Noodle, coffee sachet and travel kettle.

For a little fun asked its crew members which famous person they would most like to holiday with – David Beckham, Peter Kay, Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga were the most popular would-be travel partners. 

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