Olu Deniz International Air Games Festival

October 20, 2011 at 16:57

The 12th Olu Deniz Air Games Festival will take place from 26th-30th October in Fethiye, Mugla when more than 400 paragliders from all over the world will take to the Turkish skies to entertain holidaymakers.

It’s the biggest festival of the year for this wonderful holiday destination. It’s not just about paragliding though; visitors will also be treated to sky diving shows, base-jumping, hang gliding, paramotoring and micro lighting.

olu deniz

And when the sun goes down the celebrations continue with live music and lots of beach side entertainment. 

About Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz is a stunning resort village in the Fethiye region and is home to one of the most photographed lagoons in the Mediterranean.

If you can manage to tear yourself away from the wonderful beach then there are lots more things to do on a holiday in Olu Deniz.

You could take an excursion to the deserted village of Kaya or check out the rock tombs at Fethiye. If you’re on a family holiday, why not take the kids to the national park on the sand to see the local loggerhead turtles.

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