Now Showing At Your Seat In The Sky

December 15, 2010 at 10:30

Customers of, the leading leisure airline with friendly low fares, and Jet2holidays, package holidays you can trust, can now enjoy in-flight entertainment including current feature films.

despicable me

Now showing at your seat in the sky are...


Christopher Nolan's epic dream-based film brings together a stellar cast led brilliantly by the ever-reliable Leonardo DiCaprio. The film follows DiCaprio's Dom Cobb as an agent able to intercept people's dreams and thus control them. However, he is hired to achieve the impossible ‘inception' – planting an idea in someone's dream. Many twists and turns ensue, set against a backdrop of arty scenes and an impressive score. Empire gave it five stars and said "it is not a trick. It is ingenious".

Sex and the City 2

The famous four return for another round of cocktails, fashion and plenty of high-jinks. However, this time they have swapped the glam of New York for the desert of Dubai with a five star holiday helping them all reconnect with their former lives. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon reprise their roles with typical ease in this sequel.

Twilight Saga Eclipse

The teeny vampire saga continues and things are really heating up as graduation approaches and Victoria builds her vampire army. This third instalment offers more humour and a darker outlook as many of the issues come to a head. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart continue to impress as the franchise's leads in this film described by Empire as "by far the best Twilight film to date."

And for younger fliers...

Despicable Me

It seems it is the season for the supervillain and Steve Carell's brilliant performance as a cruel but cumbersome evil mastermind, with a hilariously bad Russian accent (Gru) is the driving force behind this feel-good flick. There are laughs around every corner and some imaginative inventions used for brilliant comedic effect. The Telegraph said "Steve Carell is brilliant as a cruel mastermind with a mad Russian accent."

It's not just films that passengers can enjoy, there is be chart-topping music, popular television programmes and even games available on the personal multimedia devices that are available on all flights of over four hours in duration.

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