Mundomar Aquatic Park – Alicante’s Paradise for Kids

August 06, 2011 at 09:50

Anyone traveling with children will know how difficult it is to avoid the dreaded announcement that usually comes a few days into a holiday when they proclaim: “I’m bored!”.Aquatic Park Alicante

Although enjoying quiet time on the beach or resort is usually considered the perfect way for an adult to escape a busy lifestyle, children are full of energy and keen to explore.

A good solution and something the whole family can enjoy is the Mundomar Aquatic Park in Alicante.

Lots of Animals to See

The Children’s Park area hosts a variety of attractions for the kids to release their energy including slides, ramps, walls to climb, bridges and nets. But you don’t want to wear them out too early in the day because, by far, the most exciting attractions are the animals.

A large colony of penguins call the Mundomar Aquatic Park home and you can view a range of species cohabiting together. Many of the dolphins that live here were born in the park but even those that were relocated here are comfortable in their specially built habitat.

There are also sea lions and seals that always entertain the children with their clever tricks. The shows are on daily so make sure to check the time in advance so you don’t miss it.

The Mundomar Aquatic Park is open daily (10am – 5pm) from the end of February to the end of October. Book a cheap flight to Alicante with and you’ll be the talk of the class when school resumes.