Majorca is a Happy Island

March 08, 2011 at 16:24

Majorca a Happy Island

The island of Majorca is favoured by many people and it appears that the popular television personality and entertainer, Julian Clary, counts it amongst his most memorable places to stay.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Clary, when asked “where do you feel most at home” answered “Majorca”. He went on to describe why he sees this island as a home away from home. He said:

“I used to have an apartment there, in Port d’Andratx. I have family there - it’s a happy island.”

A Rich and Famous Playground

His description of Majorca as a “happy island” is a sentiment likely to be echoed by many visitors each year. Cheap flights to Majorca are very popular with Brits because of the mixture of glorious sunshine, great beaches and plenty to do at the resorts.

Mr Clary isn’t the only famous faces to hold a close association with the island. Many film stars, sportsmen and women and singers enjoy the charms of the island. Personalities like Rafael Nadal and Catherine Zeta Jones can often be seen enjoying some sunshine in Majorca.

Yet, whilst it does attract a veritable collection of famous faces, it is also possible to find plenty of great cheap flights to Majorca, making it appealing to everyone.