Love is in the Air-Oplane this Valentines Day

February 02, 2006 at 00:00

Valentine’s Day will be here in less than two weeks, leading to a nation divided into those crying themselves to sleep on February 14th and those upset at not having a partner to snuggle up to.

But worry not, if you have a partner who is driving you up the wall, or you simply want to escape the schmaltziest time of the year, let fly you off to great destinations at low costs – with or without a loved one.

Also, with the price of Valentine’s Day cards rapidly increasing, it won’t be long before buying a piece of folded paper costs more than a flight to a beautiful romantic city, so there’s no excuse. Instead of the card, why not fly a loved one to Prague, Paris or Rome, three of the undisputed world capitals of romance.

What’s more, for those without a ‘significant other’ to lavish with gifts this Valentine’s, perhaps it’s time to cut your loses with finding an English lover and chance your arm abroad. With Czech women scoring very high in polls of Europe’s most beautiful and Spanish men being a hit with the ladies on the Costas, maybe a trip abroad could be just the thing for your lovelife.