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Lion rescue set to be a roaring success!!

11th February 2010

Jet2.com flies Pride of Yorkshire to freedom!

Today, friendly low fare airline Jet2.com shows that it’s not only its fares that are friendly by taking part in what is to be the largest big cat rescue ever!

13 majestic lions found in a crumbling Romanian Zoo, where conditions were so bad four adult lions were stuffed together in a tiny concrete cell, have been rescued to start a new life in Yorkshire and who better than Yorkshire’s leading low fare airline to rescue them?

Jet2.com leapt like Simba at the chance to schedule a free of charge flight manned by their highly trained staff who have been working around the clock to make sure the worthy operation to save the magnificent animals from their plight runs smoothly.

The airline has scheduled a flight especially to transport the kings of the jungle to their purrrrfect new home in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Jet2.com Pilot Warwick Swancott has battled through snow and torrential winds and rain to fly the unique rescue mission this morning where the lions, dubbed the ‘Pride of Yorkshire’ will begin life at their new state-of-the-art enclosure in Doncaster where they can roam free in the seven acre compound.

As the lions began to settle into their new habitat today they were thought to have been overheard roaring happily ‘Jet2.com, they’re a grrr-eat airline!’

If, like Jet2.com, you want to help the lions in their fantastic new home then donate online at www.lionrescue.co.uk.


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