Lights, Camera and Plenty of Action in Amsterdam

April 21, 2011 at 10:35

The Netherlands’ capital is home to a number of different events year-round.

 Amsterdam Clock

From the 13th until the 23rd of April, Amsterdam will be playing host to one of its biggest movie festivals.

Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival is an event that specialises in certain genres, including fantasy, horror and science fiction, and is held every year in the Netherlands’ capital.

A Film Fans Paradise 

Featuring over seventy films, the programme of the event includes features, retrospectives, children’s, and European shorts. Having run for more than twenty-five years, the festival has become one of the best of its kind, and also includes discussions and awards that visitors can attend.

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Watch the Streets Come Alive 

On the 30th of April, Amsterdam will come alive to celebrate Queen’s Day. An annual holiday in the Netherlands, the celebrations of the event take over the entire city, and the Holland capital effectively turns into one big party.

The tradition of celebrating the birthday of the country’s Queen began in 1885 with the birthday of Princess Wilhelmina and has carried on to this day with the day fluctuating.
Parades, live music, flea markets, craft shows, street theatre and night time fireworks are just some of the activities that will be held throughout the day, making the event a diverse affair with a lot to offer.

Because street trade is unregulated for the day, there are also a lot of car-boot sales that you would otherwise not be able to take advantage of. is currently offering cheap flights to Amsterdam.