Join in with Spanish Cooking and its Music

March 25, 2011 at 10:06

The vibrant and passionate city of Barcelona is a Spanish city that many visit but few find a unique way into. The bustling evening streets and alleyways are alive with Spanish music and the rich aromas of Spanish cuisine open up the experience but there is more to be enjoyed.


Paella in Spain 

Visitors can now enhance their experience of the city’s culture and history by taking time to enjoy Spanish cooking workshops and visiting the Palace of Catalan Music.

Let Barcelona take a hold of your senses 

The Cook and Taste Company are providing free half-day workshops where you can enjoy, watch and learn how to cook authentic Spanish cuisine within a few hours. Set amongst its immaculate kitchens with friendly staff and with the encouragement of your course-mates, this is a unique opportunity to get to grips with the mouth-watering gastronomy that fuels this beautiful city.


Music is arguably the other ingredient that propels and inspires the spirit of Barcelona. It is with great honour and privilege that visitors can access the magnificent palace of Catalan music; named a world heritage site in 1997. The marble and ceramic mosaics that weave across the curved ceiling and walls provide amazing acoustics that demand you book a concert, for as little as 18 euros.


Cheap flights to Barcelona from alongside these inexpensive activities make it a must see destination for all.