Jet2holidays comment on ABTA false sickness research


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January 09, 2018 at 14:31

ABTA research has today revealed that one in five Britons have been approached about making a compensation claim for holiday sickness.

This shows that, despite a number of welcome steps in the fight against fake sickness claims, more still needs to be done.

At Jet2holidays, we continue to see convincing evidence of fraud in a number of cases, with customers still being misled by claims management companies and law firms who only have their own interests at heart.

No-one cares more about our customers than us, which is why we have worked hard to protect our customers against the risks of making fraudulent claims, and have even deployed private investigators to catch touts in resorts.

We have welcomed the Government’s commitment to crackdown on fake sickness claims, however the Government needs to ensure that new rules are enacted without delay. They need to act now so that British holidaymakers can continue enjoying their well-deserved holidays without the risk of being duped by unscrupulous claims management companies and law firms.

Following our submission to the Ministry of Justice’s call for evidence in November 2017, we keenly await their response to proposed legal reforms in this area. If the Civil Procedure Rules Committee does not get the chance to implement the proposals at their meeting in April, then we risk another summer of fraud in 2018.

European hoteliers tell us that these claims only come from British holidaymakers, and as a result, they are being forced to consider a number of actions such as price increases or even the withdrawal of all inclusive package holidays from the UK market.

If false sickness claims continue, then the honest majority could suffer thanks to the actions of the dishonest minority.