Archive welcomes Aviation Minister’s comments on airport alcohol sales

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July 29, 2016 at 12:53

For the past year, has been working to reduce disruptive behaviour on flights and at airports, caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol, through our ‘Onboard Together’ campaign. Since the launch of the campaign, more than 500 passengers have been refused travel and over 60 of these have been given lifetime bans.

We fly many thousands of families every year and we want to ensure that their holidays are the best they can be, without disruption from a few selfish, drunken people.

This is why we welcome today’s comments from the Aviation Minister, Lord Ahmad, in which he pledges to examine the way alcohol is sold in airports.

As a result of months of work with other airlines, airports, and industry bodies, we have recently agreed a new cross-industry code of practice on disruptive passengers and we are very pleased to see that the government has recognised that this is a problem that affects the whole travel industry. We look forward to working with the government on these issues, and will be writing to the aviation minister to offer our full support.

We want people to enjoy their flight and we know that the vast majority of our passengers consume alcohol in moderation before and during the flight, and that this is a part of their journey and their holiday.

However, our priority at is the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all our passengers, so we will not tolerate the disruptive behaviour of a small minority. That is why we look forward to working with the industry and the government, to examine the way alcohol is sold in airports so that we can tackle disruptive behaviour at airports and on board our flights.