Archive comments on ‘Air Rage’ statistics

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September 19, 2016 at 11:15

The number of "air rage" incidents on UK airlines has quadrupled over a three-year period, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

We have been campaigning to reduce such behaviour through our Onboard Together campaign, and we recently bolstered our commitment to tackling disruptive and abusive behaviour by banning the sale of alcohol on-board before 08:00am on all our morning flights.

Phil Ward, Managing Director of appeared on BBC Radio Live to discuss this issue yesterday, and you can listen to their fascinating programme here:

Commenting on the statistics, Phil says: “There is no single factor that has contributed to the rise in alcohol-related incidents on board our or any other carrier’s aircraft. It is more a cumulative effect, involving increased retail opportunities, such as multiple offers on alcohol in duty free shops and bars and even coffee shops. Passengers are able to start their consumption of alcohol very early on in the process of travel, in some cases before arriving at check in.

“Whilst it is only a small minority of customers who behave inappropriately, we wanted to address this issue proactively to ensure that all customers and families travelling with us have a safe and comfortable journey. Our pioneering “Onboard Together” programme which started last summer, has recently introduced an initiative where alcohol is not served before 8.00am. This has been well received by both our crew and passengers and I would call upon airports to adopt the same rule as well as introducing tamper proof bags for the sale of alcohol at duty free shops."