Archive, “Disruptive Passenger” Campaign Gains Traction in Parliament

November 24, 2015 at 17:53

- Airline’s “OnBoard Together” Programme moves up a gear with Cross Party Engagement today announced that its “OnBoard Together” Campaign to tackle disruptive passenger behaviour was now gathering pace as a series of nationwide, cross-party meetings, with MP’s was underway.

The programme, which includes meetings with MP’s up and down the country reached a high point this week when Robert Goodwill, Aviation Minister made a speech to The Airport Operators Association raising the issue of disruptive passengers and calling for a more cohesive approach across the industry. Goodwill said,

“Within our own sphere of responsibility we can each act to reduce the risks.”

He continued, “ has begun a campaign they call OnBoard Together, which seeks to educate passengers and empower their crew. The government must make sure that enforcement is effective.”

Other MP’s taking the issue very seriously also include Karl McCartney MP, Member of the Transport Select Committee, who added his voice to the campaign, saying;

"OnBoard Together is highlighting the problems associated with disruptive passengers on aeroplanes, a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I am proud to offer my support to the campaign."

A number of MP’s have also raised the issue directly in Parliament, with several Parliamentary Questions tabled to date. These include a call for the mandatory use of tamper-proof, duty-free plastic bags across UK airports. Airports already trailing this approach include Manchester and Glasgow.

Phil Ward, managing director of said, “We are making significant progress with our OnBoard Together campaign. Our aim is two-fold; to highlight the very real problem caused to airlines and customers by disruptive passenger behaviour and to ensure that the industry works as a whole to deliver a safe and pleasurable experience for those many millions of leisure passengers that fly to their holiday destinations each year.”

The campaign is also gathering momentum, led by the British Air Transport Association (BATA), with support from the Airport Police Commanders Group and the Airport Operators Association. and other airlines attended a BATA co-ordinated meeting recently and agreed the first steps of a cohesive, industry-wide commitment to tackle disruptive passengers as an ongoing problem.

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