Head to Spain for 2011’s Final Moto GP

October 05, 2011 at 16:36

The Moto GP World Championship reaches its climax next month in Valencia. Around 140,000 motor racing fans will pack out the brilliant Ricado Tormo circuit in what promises to be a very special event. The Valencia atmosphere is unlike any other race as the season draws to a thrilling close.

Valencia Racing

There’s a carnival atmosphere in the streets outside the circuit, whilst inside the circuit the stands are arranged in a giant amphitheatre around the track giving great views of the race action from start to finish.

The Spanish fans are fanatical about motor racing and if there’s a Spanish victory then prepare yourself for the biggest celebrations ever! Spain’s Moto GP takes place on November 6th. Tickets are still available online but they’re selling out fast.

Getting to the Moto GP from Alicante

The Moto GP is held just outside Valencia, which is only a couple of hours drive north of Alicante. Public transport is fast and frequent. There are plenty of daily buses and trains from Alicante to Valencia.

Alicante airport is known as the main gateway to the Costa Blanca and there are many cheap flights to Alicante available at