Fowler Welch launches first annual Environmental Report

Fowler Welch

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July 24, 2018 at 16:24

Leading UK food supply chain specialist Fowler Welch has today launched its first Environmental and Sustainability Report. The report gives readers an overview of the steps the business has taken which have led to a reduction in carbon emissions of 18%. Across both its fleet and warehousing operations, initiatives have included:

  • Collaborative innovations with customers such as developing bespoke trailers
  • Increasing fleet MPG and the full adoption of Euro6 tractor units
  • A partnership with FareShare
  • Significant investment in warehousing infrastructure reducing electricity consumption.

In the past 12 months Fowler Welch has concentrated more than ever on implementing initiatives across the business that contribute to cutting carbon emissions and reducing environmental impact. These initiatives have recently been commended by industry peers with the company taking home both the first ever Waste2Zero Best Practice in Logistics Award and The Grocer Gold Logistics Supplier of the Year Award.

The first-of-its-kind report displays the achievements that the business has made in terms of environmental impact over the last twelve months, and will act as a benchmark for the company’s future success targets.

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch says: “As a leader in the industry we see it as our role to set an example in the way we run our entire operation, taking responsibility for our environmental impact and working as a unified team to minimise this as much as possible. We recognise the effects our operation has both on and off the roads and have taken a holistic approach to our environmental impact, identifying areas of improvement across the entire business.

“One of the main successes we’ve seen is that of collaborating with our customers, by listening to their individual needs, we’ve been able to respond with innovative solutions and deliver tangible results that have contributed to their own environmental targets, benefitting the entire supply chain.

“So far, we’ve had impressive results of an 18% reduction in carbon emissions and have saved a staggering 10,000 tonnes of CO2 each year and will be working to continue this success for 2019.” To read a full version of the report or find out how Fowler Welch can help support your supply chain operation, please visit