Fowler Welch Scoops Top Asda Award for Second Year in Succession

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April 15, 2013 at 12:52

For the second year in succession, ambient, chilled and FMCG supply-chain specialist, Fowler Welch, has picked up Asda's Primary Carrier of the Year award at the supermarket's prominent Supply Chain Awards.

Nick Hay

This is the fifth year Asda has granted official recognition to its nationwide network of third party logistics providers, with the 'Primary Carrier' category acknowledged as one of the top awards. Fowler Welch was named as the winner against strong competition from some of the industry's major players. This repeat win in the Primary Carrier category, also follows Fowler Welch's receipt of Most Outstanding Service Award from Asda in 2009.

"The complexity of our work for Asda is significant," said Managing Director, Nick Hay, "The increasing demand for day-one for day-two lead times and seven-day ordering and delivery across multiple categories makes this achievement even more notable and is truly industry leading.

"It was with great pride that I saw our team collect the award for Asda's Primary Carrier of the Year. This is the second year in a row we have won major awards at this event, once again demonstrating the outstanding service we continue to give our customers.

Asda Award

Summarising Fowler Welch's contribution to its overall distribution effort in 2012, Asda confirmed, "We have a long standing relationship with Fowler Welch who have consistently delivered. The Primary Carrier of the Year award recognises their strength and reliability, whilst responding to a number of 'additional' challenges, and going the extra mile to ensure the best results for Asda customers."