Fowler Welch Introduces Newest Customer to Nuneaton Facility

April 24, 2017 at 11:18

Fowler Welch has extended its contract with Winterbotham Darby following the partnership with Dairy Crest at its Nuneaton cold store facility, welcoming the deli supplier as the first Fowler Welch customer at the state of the art facility.

The Redhill based manufacturer and supplier of continental meats, deli and antipasti products for retail and foodservice has expanded its brief to Fowler Welch to manage the picking and storage of a range of cold store products for one of its key customers in order to streamline its supply chain operation.

The new contract enables products to be stored and picked at a central location reducing unnecessary journeys.

Jonathan Lee, head of sales for Fowler Welch says: “For Winterbotham Darby, using our newest facility enables a significant reduction in products travelling up and down the country, saving food miles but also meaning turnaround times are quicker, so stock can be replenished much more readily.”

The new contract follows a long-standing partnership between Fowler Welch and Winterbotham Darby, allowing Fowler Welch’s supply chain experts to understand business goals and needs and offer appropriate solutions.

Jonathan adds: "Many years of working with Winterbotham Darby and gaining an understanding of how the team work and its aims as a business, has allowed us to listen to their problem and respond with our experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that is tailored to the company and will provide the service that it needs.”

Jim Browne, Supply Chain Director at Winterbotham Darby added: “We have always found the team at Fowler Welch to be very open in their way of working and flexible to our needs. Their latest solution for our olive and antipasti range has enabled us to create more flexibility onsite and significantly reduce food miles. This means we can offer a more efficient and sustainable service to our customers."

Fowler Welch launched a 10 year partnership with Dairy Crest in June 2016 to take over storage and distribution operations at the shared Nuneaton facility. To find out more about the partnership, or any of Fowler Welch’s depots or services visit