Five Things to do in Fethiye

April 18, 2011 at 18:11

The sunny weather is signalling that time is ticking by to pick up those bargain holiday deals everyone craves. Fethiye is a mainstay of British holidaymakers’ favourite holiday destinations, and it’s easy to see why.  

Fethiye Coast 

With a unique blend of history, crystal blue waters rippling against golden sands, and exuberant nightlife, listing just five great things to do doesn’t do it justice, but some of the popular reasons people visit include.

The Blue Lagoon 

Laying peacefully under the majestic mountains and glistening up at para-gliders who take off from the peaks just to see it, the blue lagoon is a haven for young families for its calm shallow waters.


Fethiye attracts an influx of pristine white yachts and colourful fishing boats throughout the year for its glamorous promenade and rows of shops along the bay.

The Amphitheatre 

Roman ruins are scattered around Turkey and this impressive arena is a calm and quiet place to go for a change of pace after a day strolling along the harbour. 


Saklikent is a giant gorge formed by an earthquake over centuries ago. It is one of the country's most famous tourist attractions with its majestic and awesome views. A river runs through the gorge that tourists are allowed to explore.


There is a whole host of affordable and more expensive restaurants serving English, Mediterranean, and other favourite dishes. For that romantic celebration, take a short trip out to Oludeniz beach and spend the evening at the exquisite seafront sea-food restaurant, Beyaz Yunis.

There is one last reason to visit. The cheap flights to Turkey from will send your spending money and holiday satisfaction even higher.