False Sickness Claims investigated by Ministry of Justice

February 10, 2017 at 18:15

False Sickness Claims investigated by Ministry of Justice 

The announcement that the Ministry of Justice’s Claims Management Regulator will be investigating the increase in holiday sickness claims is welcomed by Jet2holidays

This follows reports that claims of illness whilst on holiday have increased significantly.  In our experience many of those claims are encouraged by ‘cowboy’ claims management firms and may therefore be fraudulent or exaggerated.  These firms are targeting holidaymakers in resort with promises of lucrative payouts, irrespective of whether they have genuinely experienced sickness during their holiday, and irrespective of the cause of any illness. We fully support the investigation and condemn any dishonest behaviour which will ultimately end up affecting honest customers. We echo ABTA’s call to the Government to change the law that allows claims management firms to profit disproportionately from illegitimate claims. 

Mark Tanzer, chief executive of trade association ABTA, said: “Last year our members informed us that they were seeing dramatic increases in the number of gastric illness claims. The level of claims far exceeded the reported sickness levels in resorts.  He added: “This trend is a serious concern for our members, for the industry as a whole, and for consumers with genuine claims.” 

A Ministry of Justice spokesman added: “We have tough sanctions for firms that break the rules, and if any wrongdoing is discovered, we will take the necessary action.” 

We look forward to seeing the results of the investigation.  In the meantime, we would remind customers that making fraudulent claims is a criminal matter which will be passed to the relevant authorities.