Events to Look Out for in Dubrovnik Over the Coming Months

March 31, 2011 at 09:22

If you are struggling to think of an undiscovered holiday destination to pay a visit to this year, consider the fascinating walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.


Dubrovnik Holidays 

With an architectural heritage that puts one in mind of Genoa or Venice, there are few European cities that offer you so many things to see and do. This extends to an extensive annual event calendar.

A Busy Calendar of Events 

Great events taking place in Dubrovnik over the next few months alone include the Libertas Film Festival, which takes place this year between 11th and 17th April and shines a light on both Croatian and international films, including some European premieres! Or join the Easter celebrations in the Old Town just a few days later, on 24th April.


One of the most famous events of all to take place in the city is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which will be held this year from 10th July and 25th August. It offers a packed programme of music, opera, theatre and dance events. Another feature of the city for some four decades, meanwhile, is the Lindjo folklore ensemble, which perform in Dubrovnik between May and October each year.


The range of events set to take place in Dubrovnik this year includes some of the quirkiest and most interesting that you’ll find anywhere. Where else would you expect to find such an event as the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades in October, which involves the exhibition of a range of jam products from both Croatia and nearby countries? 


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