Enjoy Moonlit Movies in Paris

July 18, 2011 at 17:30

There’s no better place to catch a movie under the stars than in Europe’s romantic capital. Every summer Paris puts on a host of free cinematic events entitled ‘Moonlit Cinema’.

Paris Cinema

For a few weeks throughout the summer both classic and contemporary films are shown at various outdoor locations around Paris. The event offers a diverse selection of films, many of which are set in Paris or France.

A Typical Parisian Night Out

It’s a great opportunity for holidaymakers to experience a different night out Parisian style as friends and families gather with their picnics. Most of the movies are foreign films but don’t let that stop you from huddling under your blanket and enjoying a glass of French wine under the stars.

Moonlit Cinema moves between venues during the month of August and details of screenings can usually be found closer to the event. Movies are shown everywhere from the Butte de Montmartre in the north to the Parc de Choisy in the south.

Moonlit venues usually accommodate around 300-500 visitors so the big screen experience is never lost in the great outdoors. If you want to experience a night at the movies like never before, look out for cheap flights to Paris at