Disruptive Passenger Billed £2.7k for Flight Delay Costs

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August 14, 2015 at 15:15

Leading leisure airline,, has issued disruptive passenger, Jamie Ferguson, with a bill for £2,716 for costs incurred after his offensive behaviour on-board a flight to Ibiza last month led to a significant delay.

Mr Ferguson (21) was arrested by Spanish police on arrival into Ibiza following alleged threatening behaviour towards cabin crew on the Glasgow flight on 13th July 2015. It was reported that when the aircraft was taxiing after landing and the seat belt signs were still on, Mr Ferguson suddenly left his seat, approached a crew member and was verbally abusive and aggressive.

Because of his arrest, cabin crew were obliged to attend the police station to give statements. This led to a two hour delay to the return flight, inconveniencing 179 passengers. This significant delay also meant incurred additional ground handling, airport and security charges.

Phil Ward, managing director of, said: “Mr Ferguson’s behaviour was completely unacceptable. He showed no respect towards our cabin crew or fellow passengers. His antisocial actions not only meant a delay for the passengers returning to Glasgow, an additional 337 of our customers suffered delays to their holiday flights that day because of him.

“As part of our Onboard Together programme we are committed to taking the necessary action to stamp out disruptive passenger behaviour on our flights and that includes billing troublemakers like Mr Ferguson for delay costs.”

The airline has also issued Mr Ferguson with a lifetime ban.