Diary from La Tomatina 2006, Valencia

September 05, 2006 at 00:00

Day 1: Me & the lads arrived in Valencia at 8.30pm, after a 3 night stag do in Barcelona. We stayed in the old town which had some great lively bars, where we soaked up the atmosphere which was building for the following day’s festival. We spent the evening chatting to groups of Aussies, Kiwis and Americans, all looking forward to tomorrow’s messy events.

Day 2: After getting the train to Buñol at 8.10am, we went straight to the bar which was set up right outside the station and was filled with hardcore people still around partying from the previous nights events!

We walked down the narrow main street surrounded by high buildings on either side and waited with 40,000 eager people for the festival to begin. In order for the tomato throwing to start, someone had to climb to the top of a greased pole in the square and knock off a ham tied to the top! Though me and the lads fancied a go a successful local finally knocked it off and with the sound of a cannon the tomatoes started to fly. Everyone went crazy with tomatoes being hurled from the windows above and passing trucks, which kept a constant flow of squishy red projectiles going as they continuously dumped tomatoes on the crowd.

After around 2hrs this bizarre food fight was over after the final cannon sounded. On the way back to the station we were hosed down by locals from open windows around us. We continued the debauchery back at the station where the party kept us going with plenty of alcohol and food.

La Tomantina was an amazing and surreal experience which I would recommend to anyone and I hope to do again next year!

James, 28 - Team