Day Trip from Alicante to the Four Corners of the World

August 05, 2011 at 13:46

A short distance from Alicante is Terra Natura in Benidorm. This theme park is best described as an entertainment centre with animals, rides, food and crafts, among other spectacles.Theme Park Alicante

There are 1500 animals from over 200 species – 50 of these are endangered. The idea is that you can experience “the wild” within the comfort and safety of discreet barriers, unlike a safari where the only thing between you and the animals is air!

The park, only a few miles from Alicante, is spread out over 320,000 square metres and every one of these has something amazing to see.

Creating Different Moods

At the entrance of the park, a huge fire greets you and rivers of lava flow from the great volcano, which leads you to Pangea where the adventure begins.

You can ride on the back of a donkey across the hills to the water where you can then search for sea life and swim amongst the fish, rays and sharks. If that sounds too scary, you can just go on a waterslide instead.

In the Asian quarter, the forest opens up to a logging camp where cute little huts set the scene for the roaming Bengal Tiger to surprise you.

With a cheap flight to Alicante at, you can enjoy the magic of nearby Terra Natura for much less than the price (and fear) of a safari.