Customer praise for team

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July 28, 2016 at 08:40

It’s always great to hear from happy customers, and this story is one that made us smile. The customer, who was flying with us from Manchester wrote in:

“I was travelling to Ibiza with a friend and when we boarded the aircraft and sat down I noticed that I had left my phone charging in the café area. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d see it again but I thought I’d let the cabin crew know, just in case.

“What happened next was truly going above and beyond for your customers. The pilot came out of the cockpit, came to my seat, and asked where I’d left the phone. I told him and he went off and had a quiet word with a colleague. Ten minutes later his colleague wandered up the aisle with a big smile, my phone, and my charger. It wasn’t the phone I was most grateful for, as I care more about the images, numbers and memories that are stored on there. Above all, I was grateful for the fantastic service from everyone at Thank you so much!”

Congratulations to the team onboard that day for that feedback. They are: Captain David Vickers and First Officer Robert Williams, as well our cabin crew, Hannah Slade, Georgina Mason, Felicity Hughes.