Celebrating Easter in Malaga

April 23, 2011 at 14:40

The Spanish city of Malaga is one of the oldest in the world, with a history spanning nearly three thousand years. Because of its subtropical climate, it enjoys some of the best weather conditions in Europe year-round, and is famed for having consistently warm winters.

Something For Malaga 

For those reasons, the city has built up a brilliant entertainment sector, and is also the subject of regular cheap flight deals.

Street Processions

As a predominantly Catholic country, the cities of Spain celebrate Easter on a grand scale, and Malaga is no exception to that rule. Semana Santa is held in the Andalusian municipality every year throughout April, and sees processions of richly dressed locals walking through the city streets on a daily basis depicting the different stages of Via Crucis, which translates to the Way of the Cross.

Some of the parish brotherhoods that lead the processions date as far back at the 15th Century, making the event an historic and enlightening experience for all onlookers.

For those who visit the city with cheap flights to Malaga, the Gibralfaro Castle is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. An ancient fortress that is thought to have been partially constructed by the Phoenicians thousands of years ago, it serves as both a fascinating structure to explore and the perfect area to view Malaga and the greenery that surrounds the city. have recently put their flights to Malaga on sale.