Branding Team Help Resort Flight Check-in Take Off!

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May 04, 2017 at 16:21

Our Branding Team have had an extra busy few months supporting the extension of our free and exclusive Resort Flight Check-In (RFCI) service. The service is bigger and even better this year, with new destinations including Lanzarote and Malaga. And with this growth comes the need for more of our famous branding!

At hotels where we offer our Resort Flight Check-In service, a giant branded mobile desk and podium is set up whenever RFCI check-in is open. A fleet of Jet2holidays branded trucks then whizz around each hotel, collecting baggage. An impressive 114 branded mobile desks have already been installed across the programme, with 26 dedicated RFCI trucks already zipping around resorts. Another 15 trucks are about to be added to our fleet, with the start up of the service in Malaga and Cyprus.

A huge logistics planning process kicked off in January 2017 – a close collaboration between the RFCI and Branding teams – who work to strict go-live deadlines. A mixture of co-mail and cargo is used to get everything out to resort – and a finely tuned plan is activated – with teams of branding installers often working in extreme weather conditions (either heat or wind!). It takes a team of two specialist installers more than 12 hours to ‘wrap’ each truck using a special adhesive vinyl, and the result is outstanding.

Such a big focus on RFCI branding means our customers feel extra secure using the service. And, whether it’s a desk in a hotel or a truck on the road, our branded assets raise awareness of Jet2holidays and help make us famous amongst Brits on holiday.