Be Selfish, Take a Selfie!

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March 02, 2016 at 09:06

  - Jet2holidays uncovers increasing trend for taking ‘me time’ breaks

- Long weekend + short haul + city break + once a year = perfect ‘Selfie’

- Mums and dads crave a solo trip but feel too guilty to go

Jet2holidays today reveals an increasing trend of people choosing to take holidays alone, bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘Selfie.’

Following an increase in bookings by solo travellers with Jet2holidays, the package holiday expert conducted research with over 2,000 people across the UK to look into reasons why more are choosing to go it alone. The findings reveal over half of us (51%) crave the independent experience, with almost a fifth recently turning to a ‘Selfie’ holiday within the last twelve months.

Why do we want to go it alone?

Of those who have holidayed solo, it seems to be a welcome experience with 78 per cent saying that they would go again. Although there is nothing to indicate these breaks are being chosen over holidays with family and friends, the top five reasons why people would like to introduce a ‘holiday for one’ are:

  • 1. To have time to myself (38%)
  • 2. To get some much needed rest
  • 3. Get involved in hobbies and interests (18%)
  • 4. To keep my sanity (17%)
  • 5. To learn something new (17%)
  • What makes the perfect holiday for one?

    Long weekend (3-4 nights) + Abroad, ideally short haul (1-3 hours flight) + City break + Taken once a year = perfect ‘Selfie’ holiday

    Overall, a long weekend was favoured (32%) over a one week break (27%) or an overnight stay (4%), with seven per cent even stating they would like their break to be ‘as long as I could possibly make it!’ A holiday abroad was preferred, with a short haul to the likes of Majorca, Ibiza or France coming top over longer trips. When theming the break, culture is what we crave with a third choosing a city break for sightseeing as a perfect option, followed by beach (24%), spa break (16%) and shopping (15%) with only 3 per cent wanting a party scene.

    What is holding us back?

    The number one reason people are holding back from booking a future ‘Selfie’ holiday is the guilt of leaving their family (30%), especially with parents, with dads (45%) feeling slightly guiltier than mums (39%). Other factors holding people back include:

  • 1. Don’t like being alone (26%)
  • 2. Stigma associated / people looking at me (19%)
  • 3. Nervous to go it alone (18%)
  • 4. Costs too much (17%))
  • 5. Simply don’t have the spare time to spend it just on me (13%)
  • Zoe Towers, General Manager, Product at Jet2holidays says: “Customers want to make the most of their precious holiday time and it seems that although trips with family and friends are still the most popular, there is a growing trend for ‘Selfie’ breaks. People simply want to go it alone to rest, reclaim their identity and be absorbed in culture. We might still be scratching the surface with these findings, as so many more of us want to ‘do a Selfie’ but are held back for various reasons from guilt, time restraints and even missing pets!

    “We are predicting that 2014 will be our biggest year yet, with bookings already up by 23 per cent. We partially put this down to finding out why and where people want to visit, so that we can provide flexible, affordable, tailor made holidays that people can trust.”

    Leading psychologist and psychotherapist Corinne Sweet adds: “These findings are really interesting as everyone needs and deserves a bit of 'me time'; to relax, unwind, take stock and reassess. We all need space to be with ourselves, to make our own plans, to have adventures, face challenges, or simply to have some peace and quiet. You want to read that book, write that story, or see that site without being interrupted.

    “The stress of 24/7 modern life can mean people need a real break away from loved ones - especially if you have different ideas about holidays. Then, you can return refreshed, renewed, happier, healthier and with more energy and verve to face life's challenges.”