An Island Fit for a King and Queen

April 05, 2011 at 17:27

The Royal couple look set to spend part of their honeymoon in Croatia, relaxing on the small island of Rab.


The many bank holidays in April make it a perfect time for a city break or short stay in a sunshine destination. One area that looks set to see plenty of visitors arriving on cheap flights is Croatia.


Croatia Walled City 

Along the Dalmatia Coast, which forms much of the southern and western facing coastline, is a network of charming towns, villages and cities all offering a unique holiday experience. It is this appeal that is rumoured to have attracted Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton to enjoy part of their honeymoon there.

Beautiful Islands to Visit 

Rab sits a little further north of the Dalmatia coast but it is easily found with cheap flights to Split. Many of the islands that sit off the Croatian mainland are characterised by their beauty. The lack of multi-complex hotels and buildings ensures they retain much of their natural charm.


This creates a sense of relaxation perhaps not found at some of the more popular holiday resorts across the Mediterranean. Rab is just one of these beautiful little Croatian islands, all of which are worth visiting and spending time on. offer cheap flights to Croatia to both Split and Dubrovnik, giving visitors access to the stretch that is the Dalmatia Coast.