A Taste of India in Prague

April 07, 2011 at 18:15

Cuisine plays a big part in many holidays to Prague. The rich, hearty grub is a staple of any Czech menu and there are some excellent restaurants offering this. However, there is a growing culture of Indian restaurants opening across the city offering something different.


Prague Cuisine 

The charm of Prague is in its mix of old and new and this now applies to the culinary offering. Visitors on cheap flights to Prague will now be able to enjoy the best of the traditional dishes and something different with the introduction of Indian dishes.

Al Fresco Dining Indian Style 

Whilst many Brits are familiar with Indian cuisine it presents a new option whilst exploring the culturally rich city of Prague. Taking time to enjoy the local cuisine is very rewarding and there’s already an establish network of restaurants offering international cuisine, the Indian eateries now make it a full compliment.


Some of the newer Indian restaurants can be found around the Old Town and many have adopted al fresco dining. This gives tourists the chance to enjoy a delicious, authentic curry whilst also marvelling at the beauty of the city.


Relaxing in street cafes and dining al fresco is a defining feature of Prague and there are many to choose from as you wander through the streets. currently has cheap flights to Prague on sale.