A New Exhibition with a Different Twist in Prague

April 28, 2011 at 16:59

Café Jericho in Prague has launched a new exhibition this week that differs quite dramatically from its usual output. The works on display are by Lukáš Houdek, and consist exclusively of photographs of famous Roma authors.

Prague Bridges 

The Czech photographer has a total of 15 portraits hung up in the famous café. The pictures of the various authors were taken in conjunction with a project by the ROMEA civic association entitled “Šukar laviben le Romendar/Krásná slova Romů”, which translates to “Beautiful Roma Words”.

Celebrating Roma Authors

The focus of that project was on visiting some of the Czech Republic’s and Slovakia’s most celebrated Roma authors, publishing short biographies and a short excerpt on them online, and photographing them. It followed the publishing of numerous Roma works since 1989.

The collective name of Houdek’s works is “Lačho lav sar maro/Dobré slov je jako chleba”, which translates to “Good Words Are Like Bread”. The opening of the exhibition saw some of the Czech Republic’s most prominent writers attend, including some of the authors whose portraits were displayed.

Three of those in attendance – essayist Jana Hejkrlíková, poet Renáta Berkyová and story-teller Emil Cina – even read excerpts of their respective texts to an audience that filled out the venue.

Lukáš Houdek’s exhibition will be on at the Café Jericho until the 15th of May. If you’re interesting in seeing the works, cheap flights to Prague are in abundance during May, so a visit may be worth your while.