90th Birthday Champagne Surprise!

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July 07, 2015 at 11:41

It was a very happy 90th birthday for one passenger on her recent flight from Newcastle to Menorca. Our cabin crew presented Ruth Spowart with a free bottle of champagne to celebrate the milestone – leaving her a little overwhelmed!

Ruth’s connection with Newcastle Airport dates back 45 years having travelled on the first commercial jet to leave the city, back in 1970. She was heading to the United States to visit her sister who had emigrated at the end of the Second World War to marry her American serviceman fiancé. That flight required a brief stop at Shannon Airport to allow for extra fuel to be loaded!

We’re delighted that Ruth chose to travel with for her 90th birthday celebrations and was only too happy to get her holiday off to the perfect start. We trust that she and her family enjoyed a fantastic trip to Menorca.